Solutions to Diet Adherence

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Help Your Patients Love What They Eat!

Solutions to Diet Adherence shows you how to use culinary medicine to get your patients access to real-world nutrition and cooking guidance to make life-lasting change. You’ll discover how it will help your patients connect the dots between what they need to eat for their conditions and how to make their new way of eating meet their personal needs and fit within their lifestyle while bringing them joy.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What culinary medicine is and how it can enhance your practice
  • How to address the top 6 barriers– budget, food access, cultural beliefs, taste preferences, time, and cooking skill–patients report they struggle with when adopting a new eating pattern
  • How to make a stronger impact by tailoring your advice to help patients successfully adopt a new eating pattern
  • What cooking knowledge and basic skills you need to gain to get started
  • Key flavor-boosting staples that can quickly and easily make a delicious impact on any dish and eliminate the need to add excess salt, fat, or sugar
  • Simple, satisfying, and tasty cooking techniques that will get your patients into their kitchens, including no-cook, sheet pan meals, searing and slow cooking
  • Various cooking-related education tools like printed pamphlets, digital content, live demos, hands-on classes, and virtual classes that can be effectively utilized across clinical, community, or private practice settings regardless of budget and time-constraints


  • Lifetime access to course and course materials (including all new content we add over time!)
  • Cooking Skills Patient Assessment Checklist
  • 1 CEU
  • Instant access to certificate upon passing quiz

CDR Approvals:

  • CDR Activity Number: 166730
  • Self-Study Activity: 740 Web-Based
  • CPE Level: 1
  • Course Expiration: November 18, 2024
  • Suggested CDR Performance Indicators:
    • 8.5.1 Plans and designs nutritionally sound meals, menus and meal plans that promote health and disease management, and meet client needs.
    • 8.5.2 Develops or modifies recipes, menus, and meals using sensory perception and other food components.
    • 8.5.3 Uses a variety of cooking techniques, food preparation methods and production and delivery systems.
    • 8.5.4 Takes into consideration client/patient choices, beliefs, food sensitivities, allergies, and accessibility and affordability of food.